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About Grapevine

Binder parade 1899

Historic Grapevine, Texas, located between Dallas and Fort Worth, is a go-to destination when planning a trip to North Texas! Step back in time in Historic Downtown Grapevine with its collection of shops, wineries, restaurants, and art galleries. Hop aboard the Grapevine Vintage Railroad or unwind at one of Grapevine’s nine winery-tasting rooms. Play 81 holes of golf or take advantage of 7,000-plus acres of recreation on Lake Grapevine. Whether you enjoy indoor or outdoor activities, Grapevine has something for everyone.

As the oldest settlement in Tarrant County, Grapevine’s roots go back to 1844, a year before Texas became part of the United States. The St. Louis Southwestern Railroad (today known as the Cotton Belt Railroad) arrived in Grapevine in 1888, establishing it as an agricultural trade center and bringing more commerce and settlers to the area. The completion of Lake Grapevine in 1952 began the transition into a popular recreational area. However, it was the opening of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport — which remains the city’s largest employer and taxpayer — in 1974 that put Grapevine on the proverbial map.

Main Street 1914

Grapevine’s Main Street entertainment district, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is fortunate to have the brilliantly restored Palace Arts Theatre, which includes the fully restored Palace and Lancaster Theatres. The Palace Theatre, built in 1940, houses the Grapevine Opry – one of the best Country and Western music reviews this side of Nashville. Some current Grapevine Opry “alumni” include LeAnn Rimes, Miranda Lambert and Keith Anderson. The Palace and Lancaster Theatres are also home to a number of different performing arts groups and anchor Historic Downtown Grapevine’s bustling entertainment scene, which includes live music on evenings and weekends.

Today, Grapevine is a thriving city of approximately 50,000 residents and a year-round tourism destination attracting visitors from around the globe:

  • April: New Vintage Wine Trail highlights the new vintage release from Grapevine’s wineries.
  • May: Kickoff your summer and celebrate Main Street Days.
  • Grapevine CVB new headquarters opened during
    Main Street Days 2012

  • July 4: Find your spot and stake a claim near Lake Grapevine for the Annual Fireworks Extravaganza Over Lake Grapevine.
  • September: GrapeFest, the largest wine festival in the Southwest, is held. Rated one of the Top 100 Events in North America by the American Bus Association, GrapeFest features an incredible array of entertainment including the traditional Vintner’s Auction and the Texas Wine Tribute Gala – a black-tie formal affair for gourmet food lovers and wine enthusiasts.
  • October: Guests are invited to enjoy Butterfly Flutterby – a one-day event observing the migration of Monarch butterflies as they migrate from Canada to Mexico, making their way through Grapevine.
  • November & December: Grapevine – The Christmas Capital of Texas, offers an unforgettable holiday experience with Christmas on Main Street featuring great shopping and an extensive variety of holiday entertainment and activities. When visiting during Christmas, don’t forget to get on board the North Pole Express. Thousands of children will turn fiction into reality during the holiday season as they jump aboard the enchanting North Pole Express.

For more information about Grapevine’s history, hotels and attractions, visit

Source: Grapevine Convention and Visitors Bureau


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Happy Hour Monday - Friday

Happy Hour Mon-Fri 4-7PM

$1.00 Off Well Drinks & $2.50 Drafts

Our menu offers something for all - appetizers, ½ lb. burgers, fish tacos, sandwiches and full entrees

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